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Get started now to find out about our customized running programs which help runners of all abilities to get the most out of their training, improve their performance and reach their running goals. Visit our web site often for the latest running news and get valuable running tips from Coach Blair. Running Training Programs for beginner, novice and more experienced runners who want to improve their performances in 5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon, triathlons, and beyond - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum running programs are available... more With more than 35 years of running experience, Coach Blair has trained and competed in more than 330 running events including cross country, steeplechase, trail races, 5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon and 24 hour ultra marathon races... more
Running - Protein Intake

Study confirms that protein intake after strength training hugely beneficial

Some studies are earth-shattering revelations that turn everything we know about something on its head. Other studies, well, just seem like they are verifying common sense. A recent study regarding…

Running Trail

A Great Reflection

An Early Friday Morning Run Dawn breaks over the trees in Chestnut Ridge Park, It’s quarter to six on a Friday morn. Alone as I lace up my shoes, It’s…


Compare Various Marathon Courses

Hey marathoners, I came across this website which describes and compares various marathon courses. It seems like a great site but take some of the comparison finishing times with a…