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I’m not a fast runner, is your program right for me?  runningbetter.ca running programs are ideal for runners of all levels of running experience. Our training programs have been developed specifically for clients at the back, middle, and front of the pack. Our running programs will allow you to improve your running performance so that you can be the best runner you can be.

Why are there minimum time commitments?  Training takes time. And fitness builds upon itself. Our minimum commitment of 12 weeks allows enough time to build a better fitness base. Improved running performance can be seen in as little as four weeks, which is ideal for achieving short term gain. We want you to take a longer term approach to running. By doing so, you can achieve more meaningful and significant results.

I’ve never done any running speedwork before.  Can I still do one of your training schedules?  For sure! That’s the beauty of the runningbetter.ca training programs. We help you progress from your current running level and build a program that is manageable, attainable and helps you meet your running goals. If you don’t like the idea of performing your training at the local running track, then we will recommend alternative speedwork options that may be more suitable for you, and also allows you to improve your running performance.

Will my past training be taken into consideration?  You bet! Every athlete has their own unique starting point. The level of previous training as well has the types of previous training are addressed in our Runner Profile Questionnaire that is filled out prior to starting a program. We also listen to you so we can incorporate your favourite workouts into your personalized training plan.

I’m training for an ultramarathon, can you help? Absolutely! At runningbetter.ca, we use the science of endurance-based training with the art of real-world coaching and combine it with more than twenty years of ultrarunning experience and accomplishments. Blair brings his experience and podium finishes in 50km and 24 hour races to the design table in order to get you on the right track to meet your goals. Fueling and event strategies will add value to your personalized training program.

Do you coach triathletes?  We would be more than happy to help out with the run portion of a multi-sport athletes training requirements. Blair did compete in Olympic distance triathlons for several years so he understands the training complexity. Your running training program would take your other disciplines into consideration. However, if you want a true triathlon training program, we would refer you to a multi-sport specific coach.

How do I pay for your services?  runningbetter.ca has aligned itself with the fully secured PayPal payment system. Lump sum payments (at a discount) and recurring monthly payments can be arranged. Just click on the PayPal button in the Training Programs section.

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