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To juice or not to juice?

The Sugary Fruit Paradox A piece of fruit is more than the sum of its fiber and fructose. By Alex Hutchinson Published August 2, 2013 Sugar is bad, but fruit…

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Winter Hydration Tips

Winter is here and your long run training plans need a little extra thought. The cold, dry air can dehydrate a runner and you may not even feel like you’ve…


Pain Relievers for Athletes

Pain Relievers for Athletes. There has been much written on the negative effectives of over-the-counter pain relievers on endurance athletes. Ibuprofen affects the kidneys; Naproxen Sodium affects the liver, etc….

Running - Protein Intake

Study confirms that protein intake after strength training hugely beneficial

Some studies are earth-shattering revelations that turn everything we know about something on its head. Other studies, well, just seem like they are verifying common sense. A recent study regarding…